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Start using your website traffic data to make decisions that actually impact your business

It’s never been easier to collect data. And it’s never been more difficult to cut through all of the noise. The abundance of data collection methods, tools, apps, and tricks has created its own problem: few people actually know what to do with their data once they have it.

Just logging in to Google Analytics can be confusing with all the dashboards and tables and widgets and graphs. Even if you can navigate Google Analytics, it’s hard to know exactly which numbers you should focus on to grow and engage your audience.

This free Google Data Studio template gives you an overview of your most important metrics all in one easy-to-read page. You’ll get a brief guide that shows you how to analyze your visitor funnel and spot ways to attract, engage, and convert your traffic.

Setup takes less than 3 minutes and your data automatically updates each time you open it.

You’ll be able to quickly answer questions like:

  • Should you be focusing more of your limited time and money on getting new traffic or converting your existing traffic?
  • Should you focus on SEO, social, referral—all of them?
  • How engaged are your users and how likely are they to come back and/or tell their friends about you?
  • How can you actually use all of this information to grow an engaged audience?

This free report allows you to analyze your own data at each level of your visitor funnel, from Acquisition to Activation to Retention to Revenue to Referrals (your ‘AARRR’ funnel).

  • Setup takes just a few clicks (as long as you have a working Google Analytics account). You can be analyzing your own data in 3 minutes.
  • Drill down into your segments and find out where your most valuable traffic is coming from and how to spot your most promising opportunities.
  • Get an end-to-end view of the hard numbers that you can actually use to make smarter business decisions about your blog.

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